Promotional Business Video How-to with Peter Hertzmann

Promotional Business Video How-to with Peter Hertzmann

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Nowadays, creating visual representations of your work and business for social media is important. Videos are engaging and have more of an impact on your customers than website copy or photos alone. Shooting and editing a professional looking video is easy, even with just a smartphone and free software. The secret to success is in the planning before the execution, or so says Butchers Guild member Peter Hertzmann.

Peter has been producing industrial videos for over 30 years. He is proficient in all aspects of video production including development, camera operation, sound recording, graphics creation, editing, and rendering. Peter’s system involves organizing the task into scripts, shot lists, and other planning tools that makes the job easy once the planning is done.

We at The Butchers Guild think his approach is a skill building, educational opportunity for our members that you don’t want to miss! Join us February 22nd at 10am PST to view a step-by step-tutorial on how to shoot and produce a professional looking video for your website, blog, or promotional use.

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