Rick Reams

RJ Meats

We are a USDA Inspected facility. All our products are produced on site in accordance with our approved HACCP plans. You may be thinking “Why does it say crafted”? We use this term because we consider each batch of sausage or cured meat on an individual basis. We do not “mass produce” or “manufacture”, as we feel these terms are used in a business with its end goal being a product made simply to fill the belly and bank account. Don’t get us wrong, we too seek to make a profit, but first and foremost we seek to make a high quality product at a fair price. We will not sacrifice quality over price. We are not a “sausage factory” as such, but an “Old Fashioned, Family Meat Market”. Founded in 1987 and built on a commitment to quality and service.
The ingredients in our products are purchased and used for their quality and consistency. We do this to achieve our final goal of providing you our customer with a product that is truly memorable and one that stands apart from the mass produced.


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