So much news about BUTCHERS

It is news in itself that there is still so much news about butchers. I began writing Primal Cuts: Cooking With America’s Best Butchers in 2009 and industry insiders were clamoring to announce the end of the butcher craze faster than political pundits can proclaim a Republic Presidential candidate dead in the water.

We are still talking about butchers in food news all the time. And it is not because of the tattoos. It is because there are more and more butcher shops that are buying whole animals from local farms. Which means more farms are raising more animals. And more chefs are going back to traditional methods of whole-animal preparation. The cumulative affect is leading to new slaughterhouses, more responsibly-pastured land and better, more nutritious meat for more and more of us.

Ah, it gives me the chills just thinking about it. The good chills. Here are some links to recent articles that make us feel proud to be The Butcher’s Guild:

*SF WEEKLY profiles Bay Area butcher Oscar Yedra.

*NEW YORK TIMES explores the lost are of buying from a butcher.

*DELISH reviews the benefits of buying from a butcher.

*CULINATE covers the butcher shop renaissance.

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