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ARCHIVED | This is a rare and special opportunity to learn from a true master. Join El Dorado Meat Collective on JUNE 25-28 IN SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA!

Francois Vecchio, born to a family with long traditions in butchery, began his own journey in 1958, apprenticing in Switzerland, Italy and France.  After a lifetime of working in butchery shops, large and small, consulting with commercial meat producers and small butchery start-ups, and writing beautifully expressive books on the subject, Francois is happy to share his knowledge with the next generation of butchers.  At the conclusion of his 2015 road-trip across the USA, checking-in with charcuterie aficionados in state after state, Francois is back home in Northern California and ready to partner with the El Dorado Meat Collective to provide this hands-on apprentice’s workshop for a limited group of students.  In this seminar Francois, also known as “The Poet of Pork”, will share the fundamentals of hand trimming pigs respecting their natural anatomy, demonstrate differences between European and American cuts, and give proper attention to sorting the lean and fat for further processing into products such as:

Coppa ~ Pate ~ Fermented Salami ~ Mortadella ~ Coppa di Testa & Much More!

Old world techniques will be demonstrated, including using various casings from the animal, learning to incorporate lardelli into emulsified product, applying an eye to lean/fat particle definition and tying the sausages with hemp twine signifying an artisan product.  Francois will lead the fermenting application techniques with a salumi curing case too!

French born and trained Pastry Chef  Stepahie Lamour will join Francois in specialty products such as Pate en Crute and Brioche stuffed with sausge!

In addition to an intense schedule in the kitchen classroom, we’ve allotted plenty of time to decompress and network with your fellow apprentices, from a welcome gathering at a Sacramento sausage hot-spot, breakfast, lunch, dinners and a closing reception featuring the products made during the seminar!  We believe that the relationships that you develop at an event like this can be as valuable as the skills you learn.

This will be an intimate “Hands On” workshop with only 8 participants working directly with Francois.  The cost is $2,200 per participant. The cost includes all meals during the seminar.  Lodging and transportation not included, however once booked we will send you a link to a group rate at the Springhill Suites Sacramento Airport, in Natomas.  Each participant will also have the option to take home products made during the week and the EMC will ship out a representation of products requiring longer-term aging, such as fermented salami, to each participant when done maturing!

The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of California – Sacramento is just 10 minutes away from SMF airport.

Join us for this very special opportunity to spend four invaluable days with Francois Vecchio, a real legend in the meat world both here and abroad!

Click here to view agenda (note that the agenda is designed to convey a general framework of the class, details are subject to change with the wishes of the students or the whim of the instructor).

Click here to view the introduction to Francois Vecchio’s Video “The Art and Philosophy of Producing Quality Pork”.

NOTE:  You will not be able to enroll for this class online due to limited availability!  Please call Jon Gonzales at 530-417-6180 for questions and enrollement.  

Whether you are in the craft or an enthusiast this workshop if for you!  Participants will receive a copy of Francois’ latest book and video in advance, a prerequisite read and watch prior to attending the class.  All participants are required to bring their own butchering tools and knives of choice.  Chef knives are not adequate for this seminar.  Questions please call Jon at 530-417-6180.

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