Story City Locker | Edible Iowa

Take a look at this wonderful article about Story City Locker in the 2015 summer issue of Edible Iowa (also included is a delicious recipe for Ribeye Steaks with Grilled Poblano Butter, just in time for Father’s Day).

I was so excited to read this article and  I can’t tell you how proud I am to have Bobbie Jo & Ty Gustafson as members of The Butchers Guild. I also love that author Adam Blake Wright wrote about the power of working with integrity and passion in the meat industry (he clearly gets it). It is so important that our food system tilts back towards balance and butchers like these are the ones who are helping make that shift. They contribute to their community, work with integrity and their attitude of openness in paving a path for others to join and rise, truly embodies the qualities we imagined when we founded The Butchers Guild and envisioned our membership.

Story City Locker’s dedication to The Butchers Guild Oath inspires us, the work that owners Bobbie Jo & Ty Gustafson put into their company is truly valuable and we are slapping some serious high fives in the BG office after reading this one. Bravo!


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