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An Open Letter To Mark DeNittis Starts A USDA-Centered Meat Talk

Our Charter Member, Mark DeNittis, recently closed his USDA-inspected meat curing business, Il Mondo Vecchio. The reason he decided to shut down the business is because USDA regulations required that, unless he do vigorous testing to prove food… Read More

Denver Gets Even More IMV Salumi To Love

BG Charter Members IMV Salumi in Denver, CO are expanding both their wholesale dry-curing facility and opening a new retail spot. We couldn’t be prouder or more jealous of all those lucky Denver salumi-eaters! Check out the news… Read More

Order some extremely delicious salume!

BG Charter Member Mark DeNittis of Il Mondo Vecchio Salumi just gave word that their products are available for mail order to every corner of these United States. This is very good news for you. We have tasted… Read More

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