The Bay’s Best Burgers

We all have our own personal list of places to go when the burger craving hits. Those places where you go and when you take a bite, the juices run down your face but it’s too good to care. Haute Living has just released its own definitive list of THE burgers to eat in San Francisco. Making the list is our own Ryan Farr with 4505′s ever-changing burger at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market! We always knew his burgers were out of this world. Congrats to him (but hopefully this doesn’t mean the line will be out of this world too!) The rest of the list consists of Roam’s Artisan Burgers, Spruce, Umami and Gamine.

Have you tried them all? Is your Bay Area favorite missing? Let us know which burger you think is the best in your neck of the woods (no voting for yourselves!)


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