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The Butcher’s Guild has a christmas gift to share with you. The kind of gift that could only come from a child’s mind… put to meat, butchers, sharing, rocking out and the like.

So my daughter and niece are in Rock Band Land. It is like a magical musical mental countryside where they; “Welcome Pirates, Princesses, Astronauts, Jedi Knights, Fairies, Karate Masters, Cowboys, Ballerinas, and Explorers.” Led by the creative and wonderful minds of Brian Gorman and Marcus Stoesz, groups of wild-eyed children [ages 4 to 8 ] descend upon them weekly to rock out. The kids collaborate together on a name for their band, they write a song, play instruments, rehearse and then perform their title track in concert at the end of the six week rock-mini-camp.

This time the band was to be named “Monster Truck Blood“, naturally. And the hit single? None other than
**The Butcher and the Animals** [check out the video here] The song is a haunting, beautiful, heart warming tale of a town, some animals and a butcher. The townspeople are hungry. This town is lucky enough to have animals and a town butcher. Now in my experience, the ending of this tale is quite simple. But in the minds-eye of 7 kids, the story takes a mindful turn. The animals decide to share their meat, they “pick a favorite spot on their body, something they don’t really need and set it free”. Everyone one is grateful for the sacrifice, and the butcher is the gracious mediator, providing the skilled link to a healthy food system. But during the meaty exchange, danger strikes in the form of a blizzard, and the butcher and the animals have to be rescued. Hurrah! everyone is safe, but then the animals were hungry. It was time for the humans to return the favor.”They were grateful for each and every piece and after they ate each and every piece, they were grateful for the peace they had between them.”

(This song rocked my world.) My daughter and niece have been exposed to meat in its honest form, and the skill of cutting it, all of their lives. It is a natural thing to them. As a result, (and without my having said so) they have inherently recognized the power, respect and mutual benefits that the community and the animals found during a thoughtful flesh transaction.

Now of course I asked Dacia and Nya which piece they would share. Dacia said she would share her pimples and Nya said “probably an arm, so I can’t break it again”.

Download the song here

~Tia Harrison, BG co-founder

“To the woods, to the woods, everyone lets go to the woods, and save the animals and the butcher.”

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