The Homestead at Handcar Regatta cuts it up with Berry Salinas

The Handcar Regatta in Sonoma was a great success last weekend featuring BG member
Berry Salinas of Meat Revolution!

This delicious digestable event helps bring awareness to lost arts in the culinary world. In addition to enjoying local artisanal products, the Handcar Regatta encourages all of us to have a learned appreciation for the way things were done in the olden days before fast food and convenience lead our decisions as to what we’re consuming daily. The Homestead Preservation Society helped bring together some of the best Sonoma has to offer in the way of brilliant eatable artisans offering their products and performing DIY demos to help us all incorporate a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. And she butchered in a corset.

Check out the photo gallery of the event here and support Salinas’ group Meat Revolution and help us all make strides in the butchery world towards increasing the farm to fork relationship.








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