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Here’s a peek into what your fellow members have been cooking up lately:


Check out the dishes Reece Lagunas and others served up at the Live Fire Event in Austin last month. Proceeds from Live Fire will let Austin Food & Wine Alliance support a Culinary Grant Program for fostering awareness and innovation in the Central Texas food and beverage community. It is estimated that Live Fire raised enough to award two to four grants!


May is National Burger Month! This has spurred a new list of recommended must-have patties in Boston, including Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro! Check out the others here.


This year’s Northeast American Culinary Federation (ACF) Conference focused on lean cuts. Kari Underly spiced up the conference with the educational presentation “Lean Never Looked So Good”, which included a demo on how to highlight leaner beef options and portion-controlled items.

Speaking of Kari, check out Linda Avery’s look at Underly’s book The Art of Beef Cutting


Cochon 55 recently hit up Chicago. One of the highlights was unboubtably Rob Levitt’s full butchering session. He went to town on the bones with a handsaw, and set up the cuts on the table as if they were being displayed in a case. Nice Job Rob!

Read the other highlights of the day.


Broken Arrow Ranch was praised by Andrew Zimmern in a recent interview for putting USDA/FDA inspectors out into the field in a butchering station.


Peter Hertzmann’s book, Knife Skills Illustrated, was highlighted in an Independent article about the importance of knife skills


Read about one meat-loving journalist’s adventure in following the Avedano’s Meat Wagon around for a day.

California chefs are uniting against the impending Foie Gras ban on July 1st. Over 100 chefs, including our own Chris Consentino, have thus signed a charter proposing that foie gras remain legal, and suggest, instead, that a number of strict regulations are put in place. The suggested policy includes hand feeding, a cage-free environment by 2017, regular visits from animal health care professionals, USDA inspections at the time of slaughter, and living conditions that maximize mobility and comfort, and minimize stress. Read more on HuffPost and Eater.


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