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∇ When you find yourself stuck in life or business, stop and ask yourself this question: What do I need to know, to know? It sounds like a strange query but its actually a very powerful thought exercise. Imagine how much more knowledge you could tap into if you were in the daily practice of exploring what information would help you most right now and how you can get it.


∇ I love pushing me to my highest and best self by having curious conversations with myself and by working in groups. As I was sitting down on my computer to write this post a Facebook advertisement popped up that showed an image of four friends trying (and failing) to pitch a tent. The text said “Someone you know, knows.” Work can be a lot like this at times – we all have strengths and weaknesses but our professional communities are full of talented people and chances are, they’ve had a lot the same challenges we’ve had. Building a community was for us, a big part of this idea. We believe working together to share our successes and failures with the common goal of creating passion, pleasure and profitability in our work is a true and lasting contribution to our industry.

If you’re feeling a YES and want to join the Butcher’s Guild while we kick off a new membership year, you know what to do!



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