Tony Incontro

Tony Incontro, butchers guild member, del dotto winery, Whole Animal Butchery


Tony Incontro, Del Dotto Winery
Tony is the Salumist and Sous Chef at Del Dotto Winery, a family-owned winery which focuses on small production, premium wines. He has worked in many other indisputably fine establishments, including Perbacco & Barbacco, Martini House and Omaha Country Club.Tony’s love affair with salumi started at age 8 when he would help his nonno from Calabria break pork and make salame in the garage during the winter.   He is a “chef gone curer/salumist.” Primarily using Mangalitsa hogs and helping to preserve and promote this noble breed has become a vital “ingredient” in his work.  Keep an eye out for Incontro Salumi in the bay area!

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