Vincent DeLagrange

Vincent DeLagrange, Whole Animal Butchery, butchers guild member, urban farmer, cleveland,


Vincent Delagrange, Urban Farmer Cleveland
Vincent Delagrange has a passion for preserving the art of traditional butchery. He was on the opening team of the Solon Market District grocery store near Cleveland, Ohio and currently leads his department in the development of handmade sausage recipes. Vincent is also responsible for the creation of specialty items and is often called upon for challenging custom orders. He is driven to pursue education in old-school butchering methods and is always looking for opportunities to learn new techniques. Vincent values a farm-to-table, snout-to-tail philosophy and has indoctrinated his children with an undying reverence for the pig. He loves educating consumers about the physiology of where their meat comes from and how it’s best prepared.

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