What BG Members Are Saying About The Guild


“I am honored to be among such a group of talented and forward thinking chefs & butchers. We are helping bring back a time honored trade and tradition. I feel that [The Butcher’s Guild] is an opportunity for a group of like-minded, meat loving chefs & butchers to have a platform to work from. This gives us all an ability to share issues, and important information.” — Chris CosentinoIncanto & Boccalone
“I’m honored and thrilled to have been chosen to represent such an integral part of our industry. Change is in the air. It is an exciting time to be a Chef. We are all learning together- the learning curve with proper butchery is huge, and BG creates a very important and necessary forum for like minded professionals to be able to reach out to each other, share ideas, concerns, thoughts, values and vision. Proper butchery is one of the things that I pride myself on, and I think something that makes my restaurant and businesses stand out. We need to continue to promote this skill, honor the craft and all those who came before us, and most importantly, empower and teach the next generation of butcher. Passing the torch is the ultimate goal. We cannot let this art die. We will not.”— Matt Jennings, La Laiterie and Farmstead
“It’s an honor to be amongst the best in the business and I’m just looking forward to helping in any way possible.”— Brad Farmerie, Public & Double Crown
“I remember that first whole pig I had delivered to my family’s restaurant and how lost I felt. I still think about that pig and hope one day in the great beyond I can apologize for the poor job I did. After that day I knew I needed help and wasn’t sure where to go. I know there are others out there like me that are looking for help and The Butcher’s Guild is that resource. I see the names on the list of charter members and I’m humbled and honored to be involved.”–Guy Arnone, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats
“Being a member of the Butcher’s Guild means being part of a community of like-minded people who want small farms to thrive, small business to thrive and to live a life worth living.”–Angela Wilson, Avedano’s Holly Park Market
“[Being in The Butcher’s Guild makes me] honored. Excited. Challenged. This is an important time in our industry and change is happening quickly. There is a desire to support local, sustainable farms and a healthy food system. Professionals and consumers alike are hungry for knowledge and skills regarding whole animal butchery and meat cutting. I feel Iʼve been given an opportunity to help bring back the art of butchery and in turn, quality jobs to our communities. This is my passion. I look forward to working with my colleagues on such an important movement.–Kari Underly, Range, Inc.
It is was great growing up in the culinary industry having been a skilled craftsman/tradesman. More recently having continued my professional growth in working towards being an industry leader and expert within the meat industry, I am honored and excited about being a member [of The Butcher’s Guild], especially a charter member of the beginning of an organization as such.”–Mark Matthew DeNittis, Il Mondo Vecchio Salumi



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