The World Butcher Challenge: How Competition Elevates Our Industry

As we near the end of 2018, team US for the World Butchers’ Challenge continues to work on practicing to improve and master their techniques and knife work. Many find themselves wondering what the World Butchers’ Challenge is and how it adds to our industry.

What is the World Butchers’ Challenge?


Often referred to as the Olympics of meat, the world butcher challenge is a global butchery competition. Consisting of various tasks, the idea behind this challenge is to reward workmanship, creativity, and technique.

Adding value – how does this competition add to our industry?

Growth – renewed motivation


There is nothing as motivating as healthy competition! Competitions such as these help our industry professionals grow in terms of skills set and workmanship.

They learn to grow as a team and work together to achieve their goals. More than the competition itself it is the kind of preparation that is required that enables us to not only grow as individuals in terms of pushing creative boundaries but also grow as a collective group of industry professionals.


Team spirit – lifelong friendships, and unimaginable business opportunities

Team practice #3 - 2018

Team practice #3 - 2018

As all healthy competitions go, the idea behind this challenge is to grow as butchers and go home with something new. When the global industry comes together to compete in a thriving environment they form bonds that will not only last them a lifetime but also open up trade opportunities for them as individuals and as a collective industry.

The creative legroom that allows participants to choose their own take on value-added products, seasons, spices and marinades allow for a mass cultural exchange of flavors and taste preferences.

Exchange of ideas/knowledge


The coming together of the global industry allows for transference of ideas and skill set. Not only does the whole setting promote creative fluidity but also opens room for more efficient and better technique.

There is so much that butchers from different countries and cultures can teach each other in terms of retail appropriate, value-added products but also in terms of perhaps technique when trimming or working with different cuts.

Like all industries, ours too has an underlying structure that thrives on trade and exchange of ideas. Such competitions are critical to growth and pave way for more effective skills!


Tia HarrisonComment