Making the Most of Your Trip to the Butcher – a Short Guide.

When it comes to buying meat, most of us have a very in-and-out approach. We often tend to tick it off as an errand and move on to cooking it. However, buying just the right cut for that dinner you have planned in your head is as simple as communicating effectively with your local butcher.


Spotting the Right Butchers Shop


We all want to be eating healthy, and with an increased focus on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, it is essential to know what you’re buying and how it is being sourced.

People are so used to buying meats off disposable trays in supermarkets that they don’t know how to find a local butcher that sells high-quality, locally sourced meat.

To get the most out of your money, here is a concise checklist you can use when trying to find a local butcher.

What to look for in a butcher shop?


Find a shop that is open about its source

organic meat source

Perhaps, one or more common reasons people are moving away from buying meat from large supermarkets is because they offer little to no transparency when it comes to the source of their meat.

The idea is to find a butcher that doesn’t just resell packed, outsourced meat but rather openly answers questions such as:

•    The exact location of where they get their meat from

•    Details about what they feed their animals

•    Sustainable practices and how they make good use of their animals


Find a shop that does whole-animal butchering

Ireland, 2018

Ireland, 2018

 The whole idea behind whole-animal butchering is making sure you know how fresh your meat is. Although important, it can be quite the task to find a shop that does whole-animal butchering because it is difficult and requires skill/expertise.

Read more on the advantages of choosing a butcher that buys whole animals here.


Settle for a friendly butcher that knows his meats and cuts



We go into a shop knowing so little, therefore, it is a treat to settle for a butcher who is passionate about different types of meat and cuts.

A friendly butcher can help you understand your meat, and aid you in choosing the best, most budget-friendly, and recipe appropriate cut for you.


As contradictory as it may sound, respect for the profession and the animal is essential when choosing a local butcher. Finding someone who is passionate about their job will take you a long way!