Why Should I Choose a Butcher That Does Whole Animal Butchering - The Advantages

They say traditions and trends run in a loop and tend to find their way back. Whole meat butchering was a practice that people associated with rural settings. However, as consumers become more conscious of what we eat and where we get if from, this is something that is gaining steady popularity.


What is whole animal butchering?


As the name suggests, whole animal butchery is cutting from the whole carcass rather than outsourcing packed and boxed cuts.

The butchers buy the entire animal; he/she can cut it up according to the seasonal demands of their customer.

Whole animal butchering is not only an art but also gives such butchers/butcher shops an edge over butchers who outsource their meat.

Advantages of buying from a shop that does whole meat butchering


Source clarity – you know where your meat is coming from


 Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of choosing a shop that does whole animal butchering is that there is no room for doubt or any grey areas as to where the meat came from.

The butcher can tell you exactly where it came from, it’s feed, and everything else you may want to know about your meat.

Sustainable – environmentally friendly


  If you have chosen to forego buying bulk delivered cuts from mainstream supermarkets, you are on the right track. Buyers and consumers, it is our responsibility to support sustainable practices.

The butchers tend to utilize most parts of the animal, thus limiting wastage and creating a more sustainable system.

Better taste – fresher



This one's a given and probably why fancy restaurants charge an arm and a leg for the rare piece of steak you want to order.

Bulk packaged meat maybe stores and aged before it hits the shelves at the supermarket or delivered to your butcher who then unpacks and sells.

It is no secret that the fresher the meat, the better the taste – because these shops minimize the time between cutting and selling, the meat s generally fresher and better tasting.


Although buying an entire animal and then choosing how to cut it is more labor-intensive, the idea is also to move people away from solely focusing on famous cuts as such as the ribeye and move towards strange cuts that are less costly but just as recipe appropriate.

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