Homemade dog food from the butchers – the advantages

We crave transparency when it comes to our food – where it is made, how it made, how the ingredients are sourced, are the ingredients organic etc. The questions are endless, really. The same applies to our Dogs, especially after studies found melamine in certain dog foods.

Naturally, homemade dog food from the butchers costs more than store bought, mass produced and rather sub-standard dog food bags. However, the long-term monetary and non-monetary benefits far exceed the minor hike in your dog food budget!

Benefits of Choosing to Buy Dog Food from the Butchers


As Safe as Human Food


Due to the strict rules imposed by food regulatory authorities, the dog food produced from the butchers means that is safer simply because it is made using animal byproducts. You can either ask your local butcher if they do pet food or use their by-product mince and make your own (Learn here)

People tend to hear animal byproducts and think BAD. We discussed the benefits of shopping from a butcher that does whole-meat butchering, and one of the biggest benefits is perhaps the organ meat, unpopular cuts that cannot be sold is used to in dog food – these cuts or organ meat known as offal is realistically more nutritious than the chunks/cuts that are popular buys.


Natural - You Know What You’re Feeding Your Pet


The benefits of shopping with your local butchers translate into benefits of choosing to buy dog food from your local butcher shop.

Due to clarity in terms of where the meat comes from, and what it is fed, you know that you are

getting the nutritious worth for your money.


Healthier - better for your pet

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Chemical-free, and nutritious, because the food is made at the shop itself, it is free of additives that may be harmful to your pet in the longer run.

Think of store bought dog food as the human equivalent of fast food, dogs have similar nutritional needs, and therefore, store-bought food puts dogs at risk obesity, and other diseases.

It is important to support sustainable and safe meat consumption for humans and pets alike. You can support Team USA here.

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