Team USA Try Outs | July 30th, 9am

After reviewing submissions for Team USA, Butchers of America applicants, we have narrowed down potential team members and are excited to be hosting Try Outs this coming Monday, July 30th at Taylor's Market in Sacramento.

Butchers Guild President, Tia Harrison, President & Team Captain Danny Johnson, along with Team Member Paul Carras will be interviewing perspective team members via interviews and a timed breakdown of Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Chicken.  

Questions for Applicants:

  • Why do you want to be on this team
  • What can you bring to the team?
  • What do you know about the 2018 team?
  • What is your specialty?
  • What your best cut?
  • What are strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How do you work as a team? What do you do when you have a problem or challenge with another person?
  • How do you work under pressure?
  • Give us your history of live demo’s - what’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever cut in front of?

We will also be covering information for applicants that describes:

  • What the competition is/brief history of the World Butcher Challenge
  • Judging Criteria
  • What the other teams bring to the table/what to expect
  • Team USA practice schedule
  •  Fundraising Overview
  • Team Member Hosted Practices and auctions