Hey! What is The Butchers Guild all about anyway?

After Team USA 2020 Tryouts yesterday, I was driving home and thinking about how AWESOME everyone was. I remembered all the butchers I’ve met over the years and the gratitude I feel just knowing so many talented, kind, passionate meat professionals because of this organization. In the last eight years, The Butchers Guild has participated in so many different educational programs, webinars, interviews, in-person conferences...and just like life, much has changed as our organization has been faced with the reality of accepting where and how we could actually reach sustainability (a buzzword that hits home with so many of us in the purpose driven food space) within our organization.

And then my mind immediately flipped from feeling high to feeling something else.

I was a little haunted with the idea that many people who come across our organization, even members, don’t understand what we’re all about. After considering for a while why that was, I started to realize that it was a waste of time for me to think about all the different projects and communications we’ve attempted over the years to create a meaningful impact on the industry, because the answer now is really simple.

The Butchers Guild is an organization that supports Whole Animal Butchery education and preservation of the trade.

Why? Because we see butchers as advocates for healthier food systems by supporting local farms. They help diversify the food chain which, by extension, gives us more choices as consumers. This action directly contributes to our health and happiness as people and stewards of earth.

Zoom in, Zoom out. Hey - that’s just how we see it.  

One main facet of this work has always been branding for whole animal butchers. Why does this matter? Because we recognize the need for whole animal butchers in America to identify their unique skill-set unlike global butchers, whose clientele  already respects and acknowledges butchery as a legitimate skill outside of boxed meat cutting.

  • We believe that industry competition is a powerful tool to showcase an individual butcher’s skill and the entire butchery trade as a whole. Competitions bring people together in the energies of pride, excellence, and being the BEST that we can be.

  • We identify the educational opportunities available by documenting work that happens behind the scenes in competition.

  • We recognize the value in owning your niche.

  • We understand that identifying, participating, and contributing intentionally to your industry as a group, provides different benefits than the work you do on your own.

Bryan Mayer & Travis Stockstill @ The Butchers Guild Team USA 2020 Tryouts

Bryan Mayer & Travis Stockstill @ The Butchers Guild Team USA 2020 Tryouts

So, that is who we are. What we stand for, and why we do what we do. We continue to invite members to be a part of our community and we continue to develop opportunities for them to be active (within our community) as we move forward with new programs.

We are currently transitioning to non-profit status to support our mission, our programs, and the American Butchery Team "Butchers of America, Team USA". Tia Harrison & Danny Johnson both hold a seat on The World Butcher Council and are working side-by-side with Visit Sacramento to host the World Butcher Competition 2020. Our organization, The Butchers Guild and our American Butchery Team members will continue to participate and hold advisory roles in our organization.

Over the next couple of years we expect this competition and our organization to grow to new levels of exposure and contribution to the trade. Needless to say, this is a worthwhile “program” and something we are all VERY PROUD to have been a part of. We look forward with a lot of dedication and excitement towards reaching new industry heights.