United States Butchery “Teams Up” for Global Competition

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August 8, 2018

United States Butchery “Teams Up” for Global Competition

  •  “Butchers of America” Team USA completes 2020 team with the addition of 4 new members; Travis Stockstill, Bryan Mayer, Kevin McCann, and Cindy Garcia.
  • Cindy Garcia, 27 year old butcher maven will compete in World Champion Young Butcher Competition as the first female member of the American Butchery Team.
  • The United States prepares to welcome WBC Founder Rod Slater and Chief Executive, Ashley Hall to the bay area August 16 - 20th to make plans for The World Butchers’ Challenge hosted by Sacramento Tourism Board, Visit Sacramento.

Sacramento / CA – September 2020: Team USA is official: Tia Harrison (Team Manager) Danny Johnson (Team Captain), Paul Carras, Bryan Butler, Craig Deihl, Travis Stockstill, Bryan Mayer, Kevin McCann, and Cindy Garcia.

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The 2020 team that we have put together is a group of butchers with a complete skill set that compliments each individual member of the team. They have speed, precision, knowledge, and the ability to work together that will help us excel on the world stage. Can’t wait to watch this team grow!
— Danny Johnson | Team USA Captain

Americans are excited about better meat, passionate about better sources, and finally paying attention to the skilled hands that provide it. As a nation we have decided we want to support healthier food systems and discover ourselves again at the center of the plate. So it comes as no surprise that after over a decade of focused, passionate growth within the Whole Animal Butchery Industry, American butchers are ready to show up and demonstrate on a global scale, what they’re truly made of.


After hosting tryouts July 30th at Team USA headquarters, located at Taylor’s Market in Sacramento, “Butchers of America” tallied the scores and voted on who would be a part of the 2020 team:

Travis Stockstill is an experienced Production Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Food Production industry. Skilled in Food & Beverage, Operations Management, Team Building, Quality Assurance, and Purchasing. Strong consulting professional with a HACCP certification from the University of New Hampshire. Travis also shares a unique perspective with his followers as the creator of the wildly popular, artistic photographic IG journal, “American Butcher”, as well as host of The Meat Block Podcast. Travis is passionate about his work and sharing the stories of other butchers and meat industry leaders.


Kevin McCann is owner and butcher of McCann’s Local Meats, located in Rochester, NY. Kevin is a methodical, detailed butcher who produces a truly exceptional and beautiful product. His butcher shop exclusively sells whole animals and he has built a dedicated community following from his loyal customers as his business continues to grow year after year. For so many of us in the industry, helping customers eat in a different way by using what we produce from whole animals (vs. boxed meat), is a huge part of the challenge and the triumph. We here at The Butchers Guild LOVE how he explains this:

All of our meats come from the whole animals we bring in. The result is what we refer to as the “Noah’s Arc Syndrome”, meaning there are only two of each muscle on each animal. The good news is that there are many wonderful cuts of steak and roast that you may never have heard of, but will blow your mind. Allow our butchers to help you find the right one
— Kevin McCann | Team USA

Bryan Mayer is a butcher, educator, writer and consultant with well over a decade of butchery and teaching experience, Bryan has been at the forefront of the craft butcher movement in the US. Receiving training from master butchers, raising livestock, working on kills floors, behind butcher counters, and on kitchen prep lines, he has been able to gain an insight into the industry unavailable to most. He has been featured in and written for Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Esquire, Men's Health, appeared on Tasting Table, Eater, Jezebel, and wrote the "Ask Your Butcher" column for Food Republic. He lectures and conducts workshops all over the country.

Cindy Garcia is the first Female butcher to join the American Butchery Team as a competitor in World Champion Young Butcher Competition. At only 27 years old, Cindy has a quality of  confidence, skill and speed that will amaze (and baffle) you as you watch her work. She is passionate about sourcing and promoting local ranchers. Garcia works at the Davis Food Co-op and with the UC Davis Animal Science Meat Program. She is honored and incredibly excited to represent for all the female butchers in America as a member of this team.

I never expected to be the first anything in this industry. I was raised with examples of hard work and persistence. As the first female on USA’s butcher team, I have the opportunity to set an example for anyone that is heading into a field that is historically gender oriented. Every meat crew I have ever been a part of has been a family to me. I have encountered a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from other butchers. This business thrives on teamwork and passing knowledge onto the next generation. I hope to follow suit. I will continue to learn, ask questions and listen to my meat coaches. Im stoked to be a part this team, lets get cutting!!
— Cindy Garcia | Team USA

“Butchers of America” Team USA will be scheming, practicing, and preparing soon for the upcoming World Butchers’ Challenge, located in Sacramento September 2020. We can’t wait to see you there.


The United States Butchery Team, “Butchers of America” Team USA, has accepted four new members; Travis Stockstill, Bryan Mayer, Kevin McCann, and Cindy Garcia to the 2020 team. The final team members for 2020 are Tia Harrison (Team Manager) Danny Johnson (Team Captain), Paul Carras, Bryan Butler, Craig Deihl, Travis Stockstill, Bryan Mayer, Kevin McCann, and Cindy Garcia. The World Butchers’ Challenge is a global butchery competition which is conducted over a three hour and fifteen-minute period with competing teams of six butchers, given a side of beef, a side of pork, a whole lamb and five chickens which they must then transform into a themed display of value-added products. The 2020 event, located in Sacramento, CA, will be  the biggest yet with fifteen teams from across the globe expected to travel to the United States to compete, including current winners Ireland and founding countries New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain.


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