3 Ways to Rework your Social Media Strategy

Social media users grow every day, and within a span of few years, it has become one of the most powerful marketing channels in the industry.

Ironically, it can either make or break your product. Social media marketing strategy is heavily reliant on current trends, causes and movements.

So how do you rework your social media strategy to have maximum impact on your target market?

Focus on quality content


Your content is your voice, and more often than not, brands fail to see that a tacky website gives the impression of a tacky product/service.

Investing in original, high-quality, trend relevant content is extremely important.

No one wants to read a high-density keyword ridden post that has nothing substantial. Keywords can make your website show up in search results but it is quality content that will keep your potential lead on your page.


Influencers do have influence

There is no undermining influencer marketing. There is a reason influencers have gotten as big as they have and the name, obviously.

In this age of the internet we are often encountered with newer concepts and information processing knowledge. Users seemed to developed a sort of “ad blindness” to paid advertisements forcefully placed on social media.

Users have coped with the advent of unwanted adverts in the middle of YouTube, or Facebook videos by simply ignoring them whilst they are in plain sight.

This “ad blindness” is what makes influencer marketing even more important, for users do not want to force fed advertisement, they don’t just want to see but see it and hear it from people they admire, trust and follow.

Involve your follower base

The last tip is perhaps the most important – how would you feel if Coke retweeted your tweet or Wendy’s responded to your comment personally? There is nothing more important than making your follower base feel like they are important, heard and worth responding to.

Some of the biggest companies have multiple people on their social media handles, making sure they respond to every engagement in a timely manner.

Social media gets complex with every change in social media website algorithms, therefore, you as a brand owner need to rework your strategy often keeping trends, causes and algorithm changes in mind.

With over 2.5 billion current social media users, you’re only a click away from a large global market.

Tia HarrisonComment