5 BEST BUTCHERY TOOLS – American Butcher Certified

Butchery itself is such an intricate job, from whole carcass butchering to making sure wastage is minimized. When talking about the top 5 butchery tools, most people think knives, knives, knives!

Stab that thought!

Although cutting knives are integral, perhaps the most important tool involved in butchery, they are not the only tool that is required when dealing with meat on a daily basis.

Here is Travis Stockstill - The American Butcher, and team member 2020’s list of the 5 must have butchery tools:

1)    Rail systems : A well-suited rail system is essential to modern butchery; used for storing, hanging, and transporting meat. The advantages of these custom-made rail systems are:

  • Custom built to your needs

  • Maximum space usage

  • Help keep your shop organized

  • Maintains cleanliness and hygiene

2)    ProCut Meat Bandsaw KS-116 (Floor-Standing) : Self explanatory in its name, a commercial meat saw makes cutting more precise, swift and minimizes wastage.

The ProCut Meat Bandsaw KS-116 is Travis’ choice of commercial meat saw because:

  • Motor brake meaning the blade stops within 3 seconds reducing room for error.

  • Conforms to safety and sanitation standards – Main components like the wheel and blade can be removed without the help of tools. This makes cleaning easy and practical.

  • Butchers can easily slide the gauge to modify for thick and thin cuts.

  •  One of the safer options with a thumb protector and doors with interlocking safety switches.

3)    Talsa 80 Liter Bowl Chopper : For those hot dogs and those franks! This is the ultimate solution for all of us butcher’s looking for high volume choppers.

The best things about the Talsa 80 Ltr. Bowl Chopper are:

  • 4 speeds to choose from – making it extremely versatile and practical.

  • Liquid drain plug.

  • Sturdy, stainless steel built with maintenance-free bearings.

  • Designed to maintain hygiene.

  • Butcher use friendly – Noise protection, temperature sensors, maximum bowl capacity


4)   Aluminum Scabbard with Boning Hook Clip - Sizes 13” : A scabbard is simply a sheath for your sharp meat cutting knives.

“What’s better than safety? Knowing where all your knives are!” Travis Stockstill.

What makes this scabbard with a boning hook a must have?

  • A double row holds up to 6 knives with 10 inch blades and a single row holds up to 3 7 inch knives

  • Comes with a boning hook

  • The panels can be easily removed, meaning it is extremely easy to maintain hygiene and sanitation

  • Durable aluminium

5)   Norton IM313 -11.5" Three Stone Sharpening System : Need that fine, sharp and precise cut? Having a sharp tool is as important as skill!

Mounted inside a steel frame, this multi-tool sharpener is your sharpening solution for your cutting tools.

What makes this a good investment?

  • Sanitary – the stones are filled with oil which make them resistant to particle buildup.

  • Perfect for commercial kitchen tool needs

  • Time saving – Longer stones allow more area to be covered per stroke.

  • The base is filled with oil, which further allows the stones not in use to be submerged in an oil bath; increasing tool life and allowing for swift stone change.

When you want to stay in this industry, you have to push margins and stay in the loop. It is important to save time and use tools that maximize your output and minimize wastage.


Tia HarrisonComment