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Photo Credits: The Pioneer Woman

Photo Credits: The Pioneer Woman

If you go for ribs and end up ordering short ribs, you will be served something completely different.

It’s all about the short ribs they say, but what are short ribs?

Surprising to most, short ribs come from the beef chuck section and not the beef rib like most believe it to be.

Most find it hard to differentiate between ribs and short ribs, and we get asked why they are called short ribs if they are cut from the beef chuck section? Well, to make things simpler, remember, just like the name, short ribs are similar to ribs only shorter, hence, less expensive and with greater fat content.

Short ribs are pieces of meat that are too small to be used for high-end steaks because of their size, but what they lose in size they cover in flavor.

These flavorful marbled ribs are packed with fat that makes them perfect for braising and festive slow cooking.

What do short ribs taste like?

Short ribs come from the beef chuck section but also fall between the chuck and the rub section; essentially best of both worlds. Marbled, and packed with flavor, the fat content in this cut makes it a mouth-watering choice of comfort food.

How to cook short ribs?

Source: NY Times

Source: NY Times

We could write pages and pages on how to cook a cut of beef, but in reality cooking, anything is more of a matter of personal preferences. To make things easier, we combined a list of tips, tricks, and recommendations when cooking with short ribs.

1.    Braising is a popular technique when cooking with short ribs. This combination of high and low heat cooking brings out the flavor that this cut is loved for.

2.    It is better to choose a slow-cooking technique when cooking short ribs

3.    You can leave the meat in whole form i.e. boneless short rib and pan sear it for a delicious, flavorful steak.

 Like each cut , short ribs too have their own flavor and uniqueness. And like any other cut of meat, how you cook it, and use it is up to your personal preference and tastes.







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