All About That Pork Roast

The one thing we love about Sundays is the rare Sunday pork roast with apple sauce. This blog has us daydreaming about that delicious, succulent pork with crispy crackling.


The purpose of this blog is to cover some tips and tricks for that perfectly cooked roast.

The starting point of a good pork roast is selecting the best cut, what cut should one choose when looking to make pork roast?

The ideal cut for pork roast is the Pork Loin. You can either choose to debone the meat, marinate, and stuff with your desired filling or cooked in with the bone in.

Alternatively, you can go for the ever-versatile pork shoulder; slow roasted until those gorgeous chunks are falling apart.

Some tips and tricks when preparing your pork roast


• Many people don’t fully understand the scoring process. Scoring a slice of meat is simply making cuts on the uppermost skin of the cut. Rather tricky, the idea is to make the cut deep enough to absorb marinades but not all the way through the flesh. If the cut is too deep, you may risk drying your meat out during the cooking process.

• Take a good amount of salt and rub it on your meat make sure you out some in the cuts you made when scoring.

• If you want the perfect crackling, in addition to using a paper towel to pat dry the meat, you can also refrigerate it for approximately an hour to dry it out more for that perfectly crackling.

• Use pre-prepared, frozen breadcrumbs for they make a great stuffing!

Different cooks prefer different marinades, hence, why flavor is such a personal preference, however, share your Pork roast stuffing and marinades with us! We would love to know!