Steak Diaries - Ribeye

An eye on the ribeye

Source: beefitswhatsfordinner

Source: beefitswhatsfordinner

Oh, steak! Already salivating, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a medium-rare Filet Mignon. As butchers, we find it our job to educate people about different cuts of meat and today we have taken on different cuts of steak specifically because of how important it is to familiarize yourself with both high-end and economical steak cuts for when you’re looking for a cost-effective homemade steak.

What Is The Ribeye Steak?

Debatable, but the rib section is perhaps home to the most tender, succulent, and tastiest meat. The ribeye steak is cut from the upper rib cage (ribs 6-12). A rib steak is a piece with the bone, and a ribeye is basically the boneless inner part of the prime rib cut.

What Does a Ribeye Taste Like?



A perfectly cooked ribeye steak is a beauty, really. This cut has a higher fat content that can be seen in the hearty marbled look of the meat. This fat content gives the ribeye a buttery and moist taste.

Tips For Cooking Ribeye Steaks At Home

• If you’re cooking ribeye at home, it is better to have a thicker piece, because the thicker the steak, the lesser the chances of a home cook overcooking it.

• Heat up your grill to the max before grilling the rested steak

• Pan seared it for about 4-5 minutes for a nice outer crust

• Higher fat content makes it perfect for grilling

• Can be pan seared or broiled

Who doesn’t like a good ribeye steak? Fat adds flavour and moisture to the meat, and ribeye steaks have one of the highest fat contents, meaning they are packed with buttery goodness.

How you marinate and cook is largely a matter of personal preference..

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