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Members of The Butchers’ Guild have received free tickets to Process Expo 2019! One of the largest displays with one of the most diverse attendees list -

PROCESS EXPO, the global food equipment and technology show,® represents the pinnacle of food technology bringing together the world's most successful food and beverage processors, packaging professionals, equipment manufacturers, and leaders in the field of academia. - Process Expo Website

What is Process Expo?

A global food equipment and technology show, Process Expo brings together leading expert and professionals from the food and beverage industry under one roof.

Why Should You Attend Process Expo 2019?

It is the place to be for anyone looking to form partnerships and get with it in the industry.. If you own a restaurant or plan to launch any food or beverage related venture, it is important to attend events and displays that expose you to the latest technological advances in the industry.

Reasons to Attend

Why wouldn’t you want to meet professionals who know your line of business and nature of work.

2) The timing allows you to plan your budget for upcoming capital projects

3) Thousands of attendees looking to form business deals and partnerships

4) Gives you an edge over your competitors. Latest innovation allows you to maximize output and minimize wastage.

5) Process Expo promises a proven show:

In addition to networking with the large national companies, you’ll meet decision makers, R&D professionals, engineers, scientists, sales and marketing professionals, and more from small to large processing and packaging companies as well as contract manufacturers and suppliers who know your business and how to help you improve profits.

  • Attendees have access to the nation’s largest collection of equipment manufacturers focused on food and beverage processing.

  • You'll see first hand demonstrations of  full working production lines — something not available at other shows.

  • PROCESS EXPO features a premier education program focused on today’s most critical challenges including a special track on food safety and hygienic design.

  • An interactive trade show floor and sector-specific maps allow you to navigate easily and find the exhibitors you need to see. You’ll have access to hundreds of suppliers who will display new equipment and the latest technology in food and beverage processing and packaging.

  • Suppliers have solutions that can be applied across multiple food and beverage sectors — you never know what you may find that could increase your efficiency and expand your revenue streams.

  • Attendees across all sectors of the food and beverage industries and from all over the globe (bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared foods, fruits and vegetable, grains, snacks, pet food, cannabis, and more) network and exchange ideas.

  • A convenient and modern location with a lot of amenities will keep you connected and engaged during your entire stay. (Source Process Expo Website)

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