How to Take Care of Your BBQ Grill - Rookie level


Taking care of your BBQ grill

Summer means endless BBQ parties! No reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a hearty family barbecue with your loved ones.

You’ve invested in a Barbecue gas grill and use it every 2 months, but don’t know the first thing about cleaning it.

We’ve compiled some tips to make the process easier for the rookie BBQ lovers out there.

Keepin’ it covered


If you don’t already have a cover for your grill, invest in one. Check to see if the brand you’re using makes a cover, most brands usually sell them separately.

The next one is an obvious one!

No one wants to eat leftover gunk from last year’s BBQ party. How do you clean your grate?

Do not clean your grate immediately after you’ve grilled food on it. Cleaning a grate right after grilling tends to dirty and clog grill cleaning brushes.

What you should do instead is

Preheat your grill to over 500 degrees to burn away all the leftover marinade, meat, gunk whatever it is that was left stuck on your grills. Once it’s burnt away, brush off the ashes.

The next step is letting the grates cool down, removing them off of the grill, scrubbing them with an abrasive pad, and washing them with warm soapy water.

Removing all the dirt at the bottom


Once you’ve cleaned the grills, see if you can pull out the plates at the bottom of the grille and remove all the gunk and ash.

Keeping the outside squeaky clean

Most grills have a stainless steel exterior – use some any glass cleaner you have laying around, and rub it clean with a microfiber cloth. Your squeaky clean grill is ready for your next party!

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