Top 3 Grilling Tips - BG Certified

We all have the well-kept grilling secrets that we hold close to us and use as secret weapons are family BBQ parties!

Add these 3 tips to your grilling regime and you’re set for some heavenly goodness!

1) Let the Grill Heat Before You Start


Do you hate rough, cardboard-y meat? Similar to when you pre-heat an oven before cooking, preheat your grill before you start the grilling.

When a grill is already heated, it not only saves on cooking time but also gives the food the perfect temperature the minute it hits the grill.

2) Marination Time Is Key


One of the most obvious reasons for letting your meat rest in the marinade is to make the grilling process easier. Marinating your meat not only helps it tenderize but also make it healthier when carcinogen inhibiting herbs like thyme and rosemary are used.

3) Do Not Grill Your Meat Before It Reaches Room Temperature

Another obvious one, but let your meat come to room temperature before throwing it on a heated grill; you will most likely end up with an uncooked middle part and a burnt outer part. In other words – a summer party disaster!

4) Start and End Your Cooking Process with Salt


Salt your meat twice, once when marinating and once post-grilling. Salting the meat before grilling helps spices rubs penetrate into your meat, and salt after cooking adds that additional burst of flavor.

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