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Home to the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and host to a who’s who of global superstars including Elton John and Justin Timberlake, this is the first time the arena has set up such a large international food event, let alone one that features 96 competing butchers.


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How Once a Small Time Butcher Became the Owner of a Successful Restaurant

Co-owner of Salt & Time and team member 2020, we decided to get up close and personal with Bryan Butler.

Bryan is a whole meat butchery advocate and expert, Bryan’s portfolio is nothing less than phenomenal. Having worked in almost all areas of the industry, we asked Bryan to share some things he has learned along his journey.

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All About That Pork Roast

The purpose of this blog is to cover some tips and tricks for that perfectly cooked roast.

The starting point of a good pork roast is selecting the best cut, what cut should one choose when looking to make pork roast?

The ideal cut for pork roast is the Pork Loin. You can either choose to debone the meat, marinate, and stuff with your desired filling or cooked in with the bone in.

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