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WBC 2018 Team USA! “Butchers of America.”


"Butchers of America" is back from competition and we can't tell you how proud we are of all the hard work and success the team managed to organize in a short nine months. If you are new to hearing about The World Butchers Challenge, let me tell you; after seeing the competition take place (in person) in Ireland, this is by far, the most legitimate, prestigious, difficult, and exciting butchery competition in the world.

Hands down.

The World Butcher Challenge took place in Belfast Ireland, March 21st at IFEX Exhibition center. We drew the first heat so our team competed at 7:30a, we competed along side Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, and New Zealand. You can watch the video of the competition here

The team took 6th in the overall placement in the challenge. We are THRILLED about this news. Why would we be excited about taking 6th place you ask? Because we came to the challenge with less than half the amount of time to train, no experience (from prior competition) or understanding of the level of creative artistry we would see in Belfast. In short, it is easy for us to scheme and challenge ourselves knowing what we know now to medal in 2020. Many teams practiced once a month for two years straight. Some practiced twice a week for a year. Can you imagine this? It is incredibly exciting to me to think about the level of impact this amount of focus will have on the industry. 

You have to see it in person. Hopefully you will, Sacramento is bidding to host in 2020. 

overall Score


”Butcher of America” Team USA, is composed of six Butchers Guild Members from locations across the country. Each team member brings a unique skill and perspective to bring to the table:

Danny Johnson, Taylor’s Market

Paul Carras, Taylor’s Market

Craig Deihl, Charcuterie Master & Chef

Bryan Butler, Salt & Time

Lothar Erbe, Lothar’s Gourmet Sausages

John Fink, The Whole Beast

“Butchers of America” Team USA practiced 6 times throughout the year and cut the entire display at the team’s headquarters in Sacramento. We received an outpouring of support and sponsorship from the local community that helped the team cover travel expenses and the cost of practice runs.

It was a huge commitment by both team members and sponsors, we are so grateful for your support. 

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Practice photos


World Butcher Challenge 2018, Belfast Ireland