How does my membership help my business?

Membership with The Butchers Guild helps you communicate to your customer what you are all about. If you are a butcher who cuts whole animals, we know that you are working hard to bring your customer the very best quality product you can get your hands on. This is another way to tell your story through The Butchers Guild seal on your website, through the decal in your store's up to you to be your own advocate and use the brand to help promote your values and integrity.

Are you hosting a meat conference this year, 2018?

We are. The conference will be in September, 2018 in California. We will be releasing information and planning after we compete in The WBC Challenge coming up in March. Stay tuned!

How can I promote my work and network with like minded individuals?

You can promote your work by being an active member of The Butchers Guild. If you become a member and sit on your membership without communicating, sending posts to our site or promoting yourself, you may not get much from it. The way you do one thing is how you do everything. Learn to take action and be a part of the group. The best way to plant a seed and watch it grow, is to grab a tool and get moving. 


What kind of education does the butchers guild offer?

We offer education online, through virtual meetings and in person. In order to get the most out of our resources, you must be interested enough to read, view and participate. 

I want to learn to butcher, how can i do this?

If you've spent even a little time researching where you can learn to butcher, you will have already arrived at the reality, there aren't many opportunities out there. Which is why we're here. The best thing you can do is intern with someone who owns and operates a butcher shop or attend a school that has an ag extension program in meat fabrication. You can join our membership and attend our upcoming conference in September, 2018. You can also email us a cover letter and contact information requesting an internship and we will post it to our site. Good LUCK!

I am having trouble tracking costs in my butcher shop, does my membership help with that?

Yes, as a BG Member, you have access to our virtual zoom meetings that cover subjects like cost analysis and tracking as well as a webinar in our members only section that covers this topic.