Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved and support The Butchers Guild, and by extension, support a larger goal to improve and elevate our relationship to food as a country.

In order to be a member of The Butchers Guild, you must agree to uphold The Oath. In addition to that most important requirement, you must be in the process of learning to butcher, butchering or in mastery of the trade. We accept chefs, charcuterie makers, authors, entrepreneurs, apprentices, masters & educators of Whole Animal Butchery.

We need better practices and better meat. And as a society, we need to eat less of it.

If you want the benefits of Membership with our organization and you meet the criteria, join The Butchers Guild.


Join the butchers guild

Our belief is that if you are working to expand and diversify the food system by supporting small farms and better, conscious, meat fabrication and production; your work is note worthy. Join Us. 

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Sport the "Butchers of America" Team USA hat at your next backyard BBQ and show your team pride. "Work it" in our high quality black branded BG apron. 

Make a Donation

Donate to our WBC Team USA, "Butchers of America" campaign. Our team is less from two months away from competition. Help us get the final push we need to fund the #dreamteam