Recruitment and Stats Inquiry from Iowa

Name: Nick Sorensen

Email Address:

Subject: Recruitment and stats

Message: I represent a small town in Iowa, population 4300. We are a heavy agriculture county. What I find interesting is I see a lot of our butcher shops closing. Right now if a farmer wanted to sell or for himself butcher a cow/hog they would have to go close to an hour away for processing. Do to being a rural community a lot of people use hunting as a source for meat as well. With having to drive an hour for processing and waiting months for the meat, I see a market that is falling to the wayside and needs to be explored closer. With people wanting to know more about where their food is coming from/what is in it I see potential to fill a need and an opportunity for a business as well.

What resources are there as far as stats to find out if a butcher is viable in an area and if it is where do we recruit to get them there? Any information and thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.