Butcher/Sausage Maker Position at Marrow

About Marrow

Marrow is a farm focused restaurant and whole animal butcher shop. We ONLY work with local farms and purveyors that embrace sustainable, humane, and ethical practices. Whether you're stopping in for organic, grass-fed, ribeye and house-made sausage to throw on the grill, grabbing a rotisserie chicken on your way home from work, enjoying a vegetarian meal and craft cocktail with a friend, or having a celebratory meal complete with wine pairings, Marrow is the neighborhood spot where you feel at home. We strive to contribute to the Detroit community by supporting local charities, mentoring culinary students, and working with local businesses to better connect people with the food they eat.

Butcher/Sausage Maker Position

The butcher position at Marrow will actively be part of the whole animal butchery process including but not limited to cutting, grinding, trimming, storing, and cooling. This position will also have the responsibility of taking the lead on all sausage and charcuterie items being sold in the butcher shop as well as the restaurant. He/she will also help set the meat case, maintain a safe and clean work space, provide outstanding customer service and have a deep understanding of all aspects of our meat; including the farms, the breeds, the type of cut, and a way to prepare it.

Responsibilities include:

  • Unload and process weekly deliveries

  • Help fill/maintain/merchandise meat case

  • Help create and produce signature sausage and charcuterie items

  • Active managing of inventory of raw meat and sausage supplies

  • Coordinate with chef and head butcher to assure maximum product usage and efficiency

  • Fulfill sausage special orders and orders for wholesale accounts

  • Assure highest level of customer service, including special orders, fielding/handling customer complaints and questions as required

  • Adherence to health and safety regulations including HACCP plans; enforcement of safe in-store practices

  • Shop and equipment maintenance

  • Adhering to the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule

  • Help develop and run butchery classes

  • Promote education and neighborhood/community outreach




  • 1 year + experience making sausage and other types of charcuterie

  • 1 year + experience retail meat cutting or restaurant butchery

  • Experience working with whole animals prefered

  • Ability to read, formulate and scale recipes

  • Highest attention to detail, organization and cleanliness

  • Great interpersonal and customer relationship skills

  • Passionate about sustainable meat, farming and food education

  • Excellent problem solving skills

  • Positive attitude and ability to pitch in wherever needed an absolute necessity

  • Ability to lift 50+ lbs and spend 8+ hours standing.

  • Flexibility in scheduling, including weekends and holidays.

  • Experience working on small teams towards a common goal

    This is a full time position, to apply contact: briantmerkel@gmail.com
    Hourly pay: Based on experience