Join the Butchers guild




  • Access to a highly skilled network of Whole Animal Butchers.

  • Camaraderie, pride, a mark of excellence – a feather in your cap. Use the brand to tell your story.

  • Butchers Guild Promotional materials including window decal for your food business or retail butcher shop.

  • Access to past years archived webinars, conference materials & research.

  • Access to BG Members Only Page

  • Profile and Image on our website (provided by YOU)

  • Networking and insider information via newsletter as it comes to us.

  • Free job postings on The Butchers Guild (dot) Org.

  • Free AD space on The Butchers Guild (dot) Org.

  • Post photos, press releases, articles, philosophical musings on our site, we represent you.

  • Connections. (just ask, if we know someone you should talk to, we make the connection for you)

What makes me eligible for Membership with The Butchers Guild?

In order to be a member of The Butchers Guild, you must agree to uphold The Oath. In addition to that most important requirement, you must be in the process of learning to butcher, butchering or in mastery of the trade. We accept chefs, charcuterie makers, authors, entrepreneurs, apprentices, masters & educators of Whole Animal Butchery.

Our belief is that if you are working to expand and diversify the food system by supporting small farms and better, conscious, meat fabrication and production; your work is note worthy.

We need better practices and better meat. And as a society, we need to eat less of it.

If you want the benefits of Membership with our organization and you meet the criteria, join The Butchers Guild.