Chris Fuller

Chris Fuller, a.k.a Meat ChrisFuller Consulting, LLC
Chris brings a unique ability to connect farmers and producers with consumers and the restaurant industry.  He holds an AA from Johnson and Wales U. in Culinary Arts and a BS in Anthropology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. His first involvement in meat processing began by working his way up to become Plant Manager at Sunnyside Meats in Durango, CO. In January of 2012, Chris successfully completed designing, opening and operating a federally inspected plant, Alleghany Meats, in Highland County, VA.  He enjoyed the challenge of directing the final touches on the building, and then filling it with equipment, employees, HACCP plans, and finally meat.  Now, Chris keeps his hands full running Fuller Consulting, LLC, a Los Angeles based firm that works with clients on everything from plant design, to mobile units, to retail shops, to HACCP plans.  In addition to his consulting work, Chris is also the Center of the Plate Specialist for US Foods in Carona, CA.