David Zier

David Zier, Zier’s Prime Meats and Poultry
Dave has been a butcher for over 30 years, honing his craft under the tutelage of his Father, a retired USDA Federal Meat Inspector turned small town locker plant operator. He and his wife Denise own and operate Zier’s Prime Meats and Poultry in Wilmette, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago,which they reopened in 1985. Dave and his crew routinely butcher whole lambs and large primal cuts of cattle as well as whole hog butchery.Unfortunately Wilmette does not allow slaughter of animals in town, but Dave can occasionally be found in the north woods foraging for his own personal venison and game birds in the fall months before the holidays. Dave can be seen throughout the year on various local Chicago news channels extolling various “new” cuts of beef like the flatiron and teres major