Kevin McCann

 I have a deep infatuation with meat fabrication that started at the Culinary Institute of America. My first day of class with Tom Schneller I was hooked, and found ways to continue my learning throughout in each subsequent class. In my free time I worked for the The Hudson Valley Sausage company doing hog roasts, several hundred pounds of sausage each week, and deer processing durring the season. After graduation I was hired as a Teaching Assistant Back in the Meat Room where I furthered honed my knife skills and began experimenting with the production of deli meats and charcuterie. DeBragga and Spitler hired me as Production manager for their Meat Packing District facility in Manhattan. That was a great experience most importantly in how expertly they were managing their dry aging program, but also in seeing what the best restaurants in NYC were ordering for their menus. I cooked for a few years after that, putting my protein skills to practice for the plate. The opportunity that really set my career in motion was the apprenticeship at Fleisher's. Having a background in cooking and cutting really allowed me the opportunity to appreciate the bigger picture while training. There was literally as much meat as I could possibly cut and I was already formulating utilization ideas to complement the vast array of cuts they taught me how to isolate. By pure dumb luck I found a co-op of farmers in Madison County, NY that were in the process of opening a butcher shop, but didn't have a butcher. I created their entire fresh meat, deli, sausage, and further utilization programs, and they continue to grow and thrive to this day. with that experience now in my belt, and with the confidence of seeing it work in a small city my wife Yeonmo and I opened McCann's Local Meats in Rochester, NY in 2015. We source our animals from within 60 miles of our shop all grown hormone, preemptive antibiotic, and steroid free. 100% grass fed beef, pastured pork and poultry. We also act as a restaurant and have a robust soup and sandwich menu, various prepared foods sold by the pound, and offer the option to choose anything from the fresh case to be cooked on site also.


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