Lothar Erbe

Germany is very well known for it's vast selection of sausages and smoked products throughout the world and the credit goes to over 3,000 documented recipes of sausages in their archives. Lothar is proud to produce a few hundred varieties of sausage along with many different smoked products under VDAC rules here in VA.

Lothar was born in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany on Sept.11, 1963. He attended an Apprenticeship and full-time Vocational School from 1979 to 1982 in Sachenhausen to learn the art of butchery. He spent time working with a large, professional German Supermarket Group managing meat departments and small branches. He then moved on to attend the Meister Butcher Program in Heine School in 1987-1988. After that, Lothar began working in the Butchery business until he transitioned to work in the alcohol and beverage Industry. In 2006, he returned to his roots of butchery and sausage making and is now is currently the owner and operator of Lothar’s Gourmet Sausages. Lothar has been happily making sausages everyday since 2008.