Mark Duckworth


Owner Dales Butchers

I started as a butchers boy at the butchers in my local village when I was 13 years old, and at 17 I won the Young Butchers Award.

After that, I went to Blackpool and Fylde college (one of the best colleges in the UK. at that time) to study meat technology. During my two years at college, I worked at restaurants, market stalls, and local butchers who owned slaughterhouses.

When I was at college I wanted to train as a meat Inspector but I was always asked by local butchers to work for them in their shops.

When I finished college which was in 1989, I worked for Heywood’s Butchers.

I would start at 3 am at the slaughterhouse. Then go to the shop by 8 am and work till 6 pm 6 days a week - I know experience is vital in this industry.

After about 10 years of struggle, I managed to buy out all the partners and am now the sole owner of Dales Butchers!

I have won regional and national awards for the last 20 years, including award-winning:

1) Sausages

2) Black pudding

3) Pies

4) Faggots

5) BBQ products.

We were crowned Supreme BBQ Champion last year with our Lamb Rump! Additionally, our pork and chilli jam pies have been Judged as one of the top 6 pies by a national Great Britain newspaper.

I really like what I see with The Butchers’ Guild. I would love to meet up with like-minded butchers on my next holiday to the USA!



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