Charles Robertson

charles member.jpg

I have had a love for culinary since my sophomore year in high school.

At first I thought pastry was the way to go but during my tenure as a student at Kendall College, I fell in love with butchery and charcuterie.

I credit Chef Artlip and Chef Keotke with sparking that love. Working in kitchens in Peoria, IL did not give me a lot of time to actively pursue my passion.

However, in 2004 I went from the kitchen to the classroom and started teaching at Illinois Central College at their Culinary Arts Institute. Currently I am program chair and have great opportunities to teach whole animal butchery to my students in their meat butchery class, charcuterie in Garde Manger, and recently added a special topics class on advanced butchery, salami, and salumi techniques.

I hope to be able to meet fellow members and share and learn more to help further our craft.