Tucker Speer

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GM of Product at Porter Road Butcher

I was raised in small town Lime Springs, Iowa; was instilled with the values of the American Midwest. Performing farm work as a child with a team of mules and feeding livestock by hand taught many lessons of animal husbandry.

I always say “A lot of love goes into the daily rituals tending livestock."

Starting at a small local meat counter the day I turned 18, I learned the basics of being a butcher. Starting washing dishes I worked my way through the positions always learning and always following my heart. Pushing myself forward and striving to learn more sent me on a journey seeking knowledge. This took me across Iowa and Minnesota to Tennessee and Kentucky, each stop along the way learning a lesson.

I am eternally grateful for the knowledge that has been imparted to me by the many mentors in my life.

Following my passion has lead me down the path of knowledge of whole animal butchery connecting the Farmer to the Chef.

We all have our place and our purpose. For each season there is a harvest and for every harvest there is a new flavor to explore. Focusing on our worlds organic symbiotic nature to impart these flavors utilizing the whole animal properly is a matter of respect to the life that was given. I know nothing more beautiful or fulfilling.

Email: tucker@prbutcher.com

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