Photo Credit: Roman Cho

Photo Credit: Roman Cho

Tia Harrison

Tia Harrison is the co-founder and President of The Butchers Guild. She is also Executive Chef and co-owner of Sociale Restaurant in San Francisco. Author of Butchery and Sausage Making FD. In 2007 Tia co-founded Avedano's Meats and has since left the company. She is also the creator of Business Launch Programs a project of Multidimensional Development LLC. 


Danny Johnson

Is owner of Taylor's market and captain of "Butchers of America" World Butcher Challenge 2018 taking place this March in Belfast, Ireland. He is also head of The Butchers Guild, World Butcher Challenge Competiton Board. 

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Eric Veldman Miller

Butcher and owner of V. Miller Meats in Sacramento and founding member of The Butchers Guild, Education Board.  During his career, he was the lead instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, focusing on the butchery and international cuisine curriculum, as well as working under great chefs in Calistoga, San Francisco and Sacramento. 

 Eric’s focus changed from fine dining to whole animal butchery, leading to an intensive apprenticeship at Sutter Meats in Northampton, MA.  Eric develops invaluable relationships with local farmers that raise their animals on natural pastures with a high regard for animal welfare, then he cuts them up and sells them.