Western Wood, Inc.

Western BBQ has always been about finding the highest quality local flavors to provide the best

barbecue experience for grillers everywhere. When Jerry Lawson started W W Wood Inc. in

1986, he sold hickory and mesquite logs to locals around Pleasanton, just south of San Antonio,

Texas. He gathered wood from nearby farms and ranches, and sold it to nearby BBQ joints and

backyard grillers.

Today, Western BBQ is still committed to creating amazing flavors by using high quality,

natural woods for its customers nationwide. In fact, there are no chemicals used in any part of the

manufacturing of its wood products, just local flavor. 80 to 90 percent of the pecan, post oak and

mesquite hardwoods come straight from Texas. This wood provides a higher efficiency than

charcoal briquettes. So, not only does the wood provide better flavor, but also a more natural

BBQ experience.

Over the last 30 years, Western BBQ has worked painstakingly to develop a process for drying

and sizing wood to ensure the high standards their customers have come to expect. Each 10,000

pound wood batch is monitored for moisture content in order to provide the highest quality burn.

This process dries the wood to the perfect moisture level to make the fire-starting process as easy

as possible.

Western BBQ products provide a natural solution to all your grilling needs. They promise a

consistency and quality that is bound to bring people together over great barbecue. The brand

continues to occupy the same land and provide the same great, local quality that Jerry did over

30 years ago.